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Mayor of Yangjiang --- Wen Zhanbin
  Division of Labor:
  In charge of the whole work of Yangjiang government and audit.


  First Deputy Mayor --- Chen Ji
  Division of Labor:
  Assist mayor in organization establishment. In charge of government agencies, government affairs pulicity, development & innovation, price, statistics,food supplies, finance,state-owne...


  Deputy Mayor --- Wang Qingli
  Division of Labor:
  In charge of Zhuhai counterpart cooperation affairs.


  Deputy Mayor --- Li Mengzhi
  Division of Labor:
  In charge of municipal and rural construction, urban management, environmental protection, territorial resources, civil air defense, nuclear emergency, human resources & social security.


  Deputy Mayor --- Feng Songbai
  Division of Labor:
  In charge of agriculture, assist in poverty, forestry, water utilities, marine fishery, supply and marketing artel, civil administration, emergency operation.


  Deputy Mayor --- Liang Jinhai
  Division of Labor:
  In charge of public security, supervision, judicature, the People's Armed Force, marine defence &anti-smuggling, stability of petition letters.


  Deputy Mayor --- Cai Dewei
  Division of Labor:
  In charge of traffic & transportation, communication, commerce, port, science & technology, economy & informationization, intellectual property right, earthquake, quality supervision, busi...


  Deputy Mayor --- Cheng Fengying
  Division of Labor:
  In charge of education, sanitation & family planning , culture, news publication,broadcast television, gymnastics, food & drug supervision, Taiwan affairs, nationality, religion, city...